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Monday, August 12, 2013

- I realized that my obsession with being thin is not only because I think we will look better,  it's about health, self esteem, and to be confortable with yourself.

- Every morning I was having headache since, I don't know... months! Then, I finally got new pillows, and I got tell you, it's been heaven to sleep on that thing.  This is the one. I love Ikea, they have a whole section for "back sleeper" "stomach sleeper" and  "side sleeper" which is me :)

- I know every girl think they don't have clothes enough, BUT I swear to god, I need new clothes. Like, EVERYTHING!!! I literaly need to renew my wardrobe, because all my clothes are too big for me, or a style that I don't like anymore haha. Anyway, hopefully I will do that soon.

- Even though I'm a huge complainer about my life, (I'm trying to stop that) sometimes I realize how lucky I am. I mean... I had the great opportunity of coming to US and when I thought everything was going terrible I met the best human being I could ever met, and since then a lot of other good things happened to me, so I need to stop complaining so much. This is more like a self note!

- I need to stop thinking I'm never good enough.

- I bought myself a "inspired" mason jar (still want to get the original one!) ahah that made me dance at Bed Bath & Beyond, but I don't care because these little things make me happy.

Some inspiring photos I found on Tumblr. 


  1. AMEI AS FOTOS! Já estão nos favoritos haha
    Sempre quis expeimentar aqueles picolés, devem ser uma delícia, e agora estou louca para ter uma caneca daquela gata mal humorada haha
    beeijos Mari! <3

    1. Hahah to viciada em tumblr denovo!!!
      Nossa meu soooooonho achar aqueles picolés e comprar aquela caneca!

      Beijos foufa


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